Cold Appetizers

Homemade Grape Leaves $9.95

Hand rolled in our kitchen with rice, pine nuts and herbs. No meat.

Hummus $9.95

Mashed chickpeas blended with fresh garlic and sesame oil.

Babagannush $9.95

Puree smoked eggplant with garlic and sesame oil.

Sauced Eggplant $9.95

Fried eggplant cubes, green peppers, and a touch of garlic in our fresh tomato sauce.

Spicy Vegetable Spread $9.95

A mixture of minced tomatoes, hot spices, garlic, onions, olive oil and lemon juice with…

Lebni $9.95

Thick homemade yogurt with walnuts, garlic and dill.

Cacik $9.95

Chopped cucumber blended with yogurt, mint, dill and a touch of garlic.

Choose 3 Mixed Appetizer Platter $19.95

Humus, babaganush, Spicy vegetable spread, Sauced eggplant, Lebni, Pink Queen)

Choose 5 Mixed Appetizer Platter $24.95

Humus, Babaganush, Spicy vegetable spread, Sauced Eggplant, Lebni, Pink Queen

Hot Appetizers

Sigara Borek $10.95

Pan-fried phyllo scrolls stuffed with feta cheese and parsley.

Falafel $10.95

A chickpea mixture of parsley, scallions and Middle Eastern pieces, pan-fried and served with tahini…

Kibbeh Balls $12.95

Cracked wheat balls stuffed with sauteed ground lamb, nuts and herbs.

Fried Calamari $18.95

Tender pieces of calamari. Served with tartar sauce.

Fried Liver $18.95

Fried tender calf's liver seasoned with herbs and served with onion salad.


Traditional Red Lentil Soup $7.95

A light comforting blend of red lentils and fresh herbs. No meat


Shepherd Salad $14.95

Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, red onion and parsley tossed with olive oil and lemon.

Cinar Special Salad $15.95

Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, red onion, parsley, fresh mint and walnuts tossed with extra virgin…

Akdeniz Salad (Mediterranean Salad) $15.95

Greens mixed with chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, corn, olives, feta cheese in a dressing of…

Main Courses

Lamb Shish Kebab $24.95

Tender cubes of lamb marinated and char-grilled. Choice of side.

Lamb Adana Kebab $21.95

Finely chopped lamb mixed with red bell peppers and spices then char-grilled on wide skewers.…

Lamb Beyti Kebab $24.95

Finely chopped ground lamb mixed with red bell peppers, garlic, parsley, little hot spices, and…

Lamb Chops $35.95

Four pieces of tender lamb chops char-grilled. Choice of side.

Lamb Meatballs $20.95

Ground lamb mixed with bread crumbs, parsley, garlic and seasonings chargrilled to perfection. Choice of…

Chicken Shish Kebab $21.95

Cinar top seller! Tender cubes of marinated chicken. Choice of side.

Chicken Adana Kebab $21.95

Ground char-grilled chicken seasoned with red peppers. Choice of side.

Chicken Beyti Kebab $22.95

Finely chopped white meat of ground chicken mixed with red bell peppers, garlic, parsley, little…

Yogurt Kebabs

Yogurt Lamb Shish Kebab $23.95

Grilled lamb shish cubes over Turkish bread croutons and yogurt sauce mixed. Topped with tomato…

Chef's Specials

Stuffed Eggplant Chef Special $18.95

Pan fried eggplant stuffed with sauteed ground meat with herbs, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.…

White Bean Stew Chef Special $18.95

Slowly cooked hearty whtie beans and meat stew. Served with rice or bulgur.

Homemade Turkish Dumplings Chef Special $24.95

Small dumplings stuffed with sautéed ground beef and onions. Steamed and served with yogurt garlic…

Lamb Shank $32.95

Lamb shank baked with carrots, potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Served with vegetables and choice of…

Lamb Bodrum Cokertme $25.95

Lamb slices and crispy shredded potatoes in special tomato butter garlic sauce

Chicken Bodrum Cokertme $23.95

Chicken Kebab slices and crispy shredded potatoes in special tomato butter garlic sauce.

Ali Nazik $23.95

Sauteed ground lamb with tomato, peppers and touch of garlic over smoked eggplant puree


Mushroom Casserole $18.95

A casserole of mushrooms with tomatoes, pepper, onion, garlic and topped with kashkaval cheese. Served…

Falafel Platter $21.95

Eight pieces falafel served with shephard salad, hummus and pita

Vegetarian Dumplings $24.95

Small dumplings stuffed with sautéed fresh spinach. Served with garlic yogurt sauce


Jumbo Branzino Whole Fish $29.95

Char-grilled whole branzino served with green salad.

Wild Caught Salmon (all natural) $26.95

Grilled salmon served with green salad.

All natural Shrimp Shish Kebab $26.95

Grilled shrimp served with green salad.

Jumbo Branzino FILLET $29.95

Char-grilled whole branzino served with green salad.


Homemade Baklava $9.95

Baked thin layered pastry filled with roasted chopped pistachios, flavored with honey syrup and topped…

Kazandibi $7.95

Custard. Caramelized milk pudding. Served with cinnamon.

Baked Rice Pudding $7.95

Oven baked rice pudding served with walnuts.